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RIPE-NCC routing registry

NorthWestNet now has a 6Bone tunnel thanks to Stephen Stuart at DEC.  I'd
like to add our entry to the RIPE-NCC 6bone Registry but I need the group
and gpass strings for the FTP server.  For those interested, here's our

site:           NorthWestNet
location:       Bellevue, Washington, USA
loc-string:     47 35 2n 122 8 2w 5m
prefix:         5F02:AD00:C050:0D00/64
ping:		5F02:AD00:C050:0D00:0001:0800:207F:049D
tunnel: Digital-CA
contact:        Doug Junkins <[email protected]>
status:         operational
remarks:	Sun Ultra1 running IPv6 for Solaris Release 5.0
changed:        [email protected] 961206
source:         RIPE

- Doug

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