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Tshirt info

I'm still not sure about when I can distribute the 6bone Tshirts, but will
let people know at the IPng sessions on Monday afternoon.  Maybe will start
doing it after that session during the break.  Almost certainly I will be
doing it before and after the 6bone BOF session Tuesday 3:30-5:00, but may
do other times as well.

I WON'T be there on Sunday night so don't even wonder.

I'm still not yet asking people to send money and won't till I have the
real Tshirts in my hands (supposed to receive them today!).

As an aside for non-US'rs that have asked how to send funds by check to me:

My bank will only take a foreign funds check if I manually process each and
every one personally at the bank.  Hence, I don't want foreign funds, only
US.  i.e., I'm asking you to do the manual work to get your local currency
into US$.

PLEASE don't send any money yet.  I will let you know when I want money
mailed to me for the non-direct pickup orders.

However, those intending on picking their Tshirts up at the IETF should be
prepared to give me cash or a US$ check at that time.