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6bone tunnel request

I'm interested in getting a 6bone tunnel.  We are a regional ISP for the
Pacific Northwest with DS-3 connectivity to both Sprint and MCI in Seattle
so a tunnel source with good connectivity to one of those providers will
make good topological sense.

I've got a Sun workstation with version 5.0 of Sun's IPv6 code installed.
The RFC-1897 prefix is 5f02:ad00:c050:0d00/64.  Once we have a tunnel
provider, I will submit our entry to the RIPE-NCC 6bone Registry.

I am interested in participating in the 6bone to get some experience with
IPv6 -- especially dynamic routing implementations and troubleshooting.

- Doug

 /  Douglas A. Junkins    |   Network Engineering        \
/   Network Engineer      |   NorthWestNet                \
\   [email protected]     |   Bellevue, Washington, USA   /
 \  (206)649-7419         |                              /

P.S.  See you in San Jose...