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6bone BOF reminder

Just a reminder that the 6bone BOF will be on Tuesday (Dec 10) from 3:30 to

The agenda is still as originally advertized:

1.  Discussion of usefulness and goals of a 6bone deployment working group

2.  Ongoing 6bone business

For ongoing business I will start with Alain Durand's list (with Pedro
Roque's submission added) and we can modify it at the start of the meeting:

- RIPE registry
  * database clean up
  * new syntax & new entries (some important infos are missing)
        - experimental tunnels
        - IPv6 endpoints
        - speed/reliability of tunnels
        - sub-tunnels (tunnels to a subset of a site)
        - existence of a routing protocol
        - site carrying full routing table
  * database sanity check

- 6-bone topology
  * comments on the current topology
  * how to add new tunnels ?
  * should we go to a full mesh of core routers?

- map of the 6-bone
   * usefullness of various maps
   * full maps, sub-maps...

- dynamic routing
   * is it needed at the scale of the 6-bone?
   * is RIPng suitable?
   * experiences with other routing protocols?

- Addresses
   * limitations of RFC1897
   * Pedro Roque's proposal for a change to RFC 1897
   * could we try something else?
   * what about "real" IPv6 addresses ?