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6bone maps


>Real automated map generation is quite difficult, I think. It would
>take much time to define all needed attributes and write some code.
>Once, reaching the point of acceptable operation, the 6bone might be
>that large, that it doesn't fit on one page. ;-)

Thanks for your response, though I don't understand how much your approach
does to shorten the time involved drawing maps as almost any manual time
spent per new link is no faster than what I do now.   At least for the
simple hi-level stick map I do at present.

>Probably we could put another field into the registry records, that
>contains a tkined map URL. Such a map may contain pointers to
>neighboring tkined maps. This would be a good way to decentralize the
>map management, although it doesn't give an overview at once.

Sure, this might be a good way to do things.  Geert Jan?

Did someone solve this proble for the mbone?

I think I will keep generating a manual map for a while longer.