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SICS/SE now added to 6bone

6bone drawing version 10 (29 Aug 96) adds the Swedish Institute of Computer
Science (SICS) (in Kista, Sweden) to the 6bone stubbed from UNI-C/DK.



To: Bob Fink LBNL <[email protected]>
Cc: "Gudrun R. Dalgeir" <[email protected]>, [email protected]
Subject: SICS on the 6bone
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 18:06:10 +0200
=46rom: Peter Sjodin <[email protected]>

Hi Bob,

SICS is now connected to the 6bone via a tunnel to UNI-C:

prefix:		5f0b:1700::/32
tunnel: (HP 725)
ping:		sauce.ipv6.sics.se (5f0b:1700:c10a:4200:0:800:978:196d)
		tott.ipv6.sics.se (5f0b:1700:c10a:4200:0:800:94e:984b)


Peter Sj=F6din
Swedish Institute of Computer Science, PO Box 1263, S-164 28 KISTA, SWEDEN
Mail: [email protected]        Tel: +46 8 752 15 50       Fax: +46 8 751 72 30