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new 6bone diagram (version 7)

I've put up version 7 (Aug 23) of the 6bone diagram.  Shows new link from:

	Cisco/US to NETLAG/US

Also have corrected Craig Metz' site name to Inner as I had put it on the
map incorrectly before (sorry Craig).

Have removed prefixes as almost no comments were received about my removing
them, and I'm getting tighter on space.  I think Craig Metz is correct when
he says this picture should be for link/site overview viewing and not for
data that's best kept elsewhere.

Am only showing sites that I've been told are really up.  Sites/links that
may be up, but I've not been told are:

	HP/US to Cisco/US
	ISI-W/US to Cisco/US
	ULisboa/PT to RIPE/NL

As I've said before, showing all sites connected to the 6bone may be best
for now, as we are just getting this going, but eventually the routing
backbone may be all that should be (can be) shown.

As always, comments to me or the list!