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Yet Anoter Picture (YAP) ...and a few comments

6bone Folk,

I have added and corrected from various data and a newer diagram is on the
web.  I've decided to number them in the title block, this one being
version 5.

I realize that several of the tunnels may not be up yet, but decided to err
on the side of too much info rather too little :-)

A few comments come to mind from various things mentioned to me during this

1.  many seem to like having this diagram, but a valid point has been made
that the prefix numbers may be less than useful.  You really need more than
that from some registry anyhow (the point of the next comment).  I propose
dropping the prefix numbers.

2.  given the difficulty in culling this info accurately, I would propose
that in the future I add only tunnels that have been registered with the
6bone registry run by RIPE-NCC/Geert Jan.

3.  given the current randomness of tunnels, we may find RIPng beginning to
have difficulty converging - maybe not yet, but keep up this pace of
everyone randomly connecting and we probably will have problems.  I propose
we have a bit of dicussion about at least controlling the topology of the
nets/tunnels that we RIP over.  This area is not my specialty to say the
least, but it does look like  a problem ahead of us to me.

Please send comments on all this to the list.  Note my goal here is to make
6bone deployment work the best way...if you want to change something,
please comment on it...others have.