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 In your previous mail you wrote:

   On inria ipv6, they intend to use ND. Its method I saw in its
   ping6 code is to try connect() and then getsockname() in order to
   know the local interface where the sender host is on.
=> it is not exactly the idea. The ICMPv6 user interface
doesn't compute the checksum for you then you need to know
the source address. You can provide one or simulate the
source address selection, ie do a connect() then a getsockname()
(of course the source address is printed out ASAP for obvious
routing debug purposes :-). The source address selection is
a real issue, BSD OSs give a good control over it but it is
very easy to get a bad address (link-local address for a foreign
destination for instance :-).


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PS: Alain Durand has tried some ways to put a RFC1897 address
on a (configured) tunnel, there will be a note about this
in the next release (in some weeks).