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Mrt's ripng code updated (Re: RIPng )

Geert Jan and 6bone folks,

I placed the latest mrt code on:


Mrt's home page is http://compute.merit.edu/mrt/, but this
release is not linked from the page. This page has general
information about mrt, but I haven't updated any document related
to this ripng code. Ripng is one of protocols mrt supports.

This release has binaries compiled which run on inria ipv6
freebsd boxes.

1) change your directory to src/programs/mrt, 
2) check its default config named "config", 
   whose syntax is like cisco's, and
3) run mrt.

You can check mrt's routing table by doing "telnet localhost
5674", then typing "show ripng route" like cisco. Be careful, no
security for now.

For test, -v (verbose) and -n (not install routes into kernel)
options are available when invoking mrt.

Our code currently depends on inria's implementation of
configured tunnel. When mrt receives a route via a tunnel, mrt
has to swap its actual nexthop with nexthop's compatible address
because a configured tunnel by inria is not a interface, but just
a route.

Of course, before running mrt, you should change your configured
tunnel to use a global ipv6 address as I posted before.

Mrt doesn't obtain routing information from the kernel when
starting. This is under development, so don't expect much
functions, please.