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6bone folks,

We made ripng in MRT able to work even on configured
tunneling. As I reported just before, we can use both link-local
and global addresses on a configured tunnel of inria ipv6.

We currently use the same link-local address with one of ethernet
interfaces attached. I think it's OK because the destination
address should be used to identify interfaces in case of
point-to-point. It seems that the draft "Identifying IPv6
Interfaces in Link-Local Addresses" doesn't say about
poin-to-point network like the ripng draft doesn't.

I hope inria ipv6 provides pseudo interfaces which correspond
each configured tunnels respectively so that a routing daemon can
easily know its configuration and status. And, I also hope the
kernel automatically (or provides a way to) switch a source
address of outgoing packets to a link-local address even in case
of the packet destined to a link-local multicasting address.

I haven't made our code to use multicasting on a configured
tunnel because I understood it doesn't matter for now. However, I
believe the kernel should support multicasting even on a
configured tunnel because it will help introducing global
multicasting over the 6bone. I think we will not build 6Mbone
over 6bone.