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6bone Routing [was RIPng & tunnels]

On Mon, 05 Aug 96 10:45:54 -0400  [email protected] wrote:
> This sounds good to me.  One issue I just found though which is logistical 
> is that I know of two customers that will ask very soon for REAL IPv6 
> addresses and begin to deploy them.  They will join the 6bone and use 1897 
> but clearly this will be a pain and they don't want to have to IPv6 
> address AS's.

There is no such thing as real IPv6 addresses. It shouldn't be needed
either; if people can't renumber at the flick of a switch, then I don't
think we have met all the requirements for IPv6.

I have suggested it before, but I think it's worth repeating:
when developments gets a little further, then I think it makes
sense to make some kind of 'master-router-announcer' that would
'announce' the prefix of 6bone. This prefix would change frequently
(I'm thinking about 15 minutes, but one day is acceptable),
and the whole cloud would automatically renumber and phase out the
old prefix.

This would just be an experiment but it would make clear we're
serious about easy renumbering; also, it would make sure that
renumbering actually is simple.

Said otherwise: I don't see that using 1897 addresses would be a pain.

geert jan