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RIPng & what to do next.

On Aug 1, 11:59am, Pedro Roque Marques wrote:
> Subject: Re: RIPng
> Basically i think people are discussing problems that there is no need
> to solve now. I believe we should concentrate on getting the basic
> working and then build the rest of the building. I only have one
> implementation other than my own here, so i cannot comment from first
> hand knowledge, but the comments i hear is that most implementations
> are still on very raw state.
> To give you the example i know off, it is not very interesstening to
> have a machine capable of RIPng but not capable of configured
> tunneling, that can't delete routes, has random source address
> selection and so on. I'm not complaining, they do a better job than i

Let me say I disagree on this particular point.
The IPv6 network I run at IMAG already has two separates networks and will
grow up to 5 or 6 by the end of August with different routers.
In those nets, I use native IPv6 other ethernet. I need RIPng code now.
And to connect this to the G6-bone or the 6-bone, I only need one
tunneling machine that I already have.

	- Alain.