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Allison writes,

>> Yes.  Craig Labovitz (MERIT) has developed a RIPv2 for IPv6,
>> which some sites on this list have been testing.  

Craig and I are working on. It works on INRIA freebsd. It need
some modification to make it work on a tunnel, but soon.

Jim writes,

> We have the following implementations running RIPng to start using
> routing:
>   1.  Telebit Router
>   2.  Digital Router
>   3.  Bay Networks Router
>   4.  Sun Host       
>   5.  Digital Host (Static Routes now)
> So lets use them.  UNH will have both Digital and Bay Routers.  There
> will also be a Digital IPv6 router at G6 soon.  Telebit is already doing
> this I think.
> So lets just do it and quit talking about it the code does exist.
> /jim

I want to know how they implement ripng on a tunnel. I think that
the ripng draft doesn't clearly say in case of tunneling. There
is no link-local address and maybe no multicasting depending on
its sit implementation. I'm afraid that we need interoperablity
check on ripng as well. (Have it done at UNH? I'm sorry I'm a
newcomer) If some of 6bone sites can run ripng, I'd like to make
a temporal tunnel to it in order to check interoperablity with
our implementation.