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"He is The Delicious One.."

There's a hot dog restaraunt in California called Wienerschnitzel.
Their advertising is amusing- they feature a hot dog that's on the
run from hungry customers (he's got arms, legs, and a face). Their
advertising people have gone a little overboard with the idea, tho.

One side of their bags has a picture of a hot dog in a police 
lineup with the heading "WANTED WITH CHILI OR FRIES". But it's
the other side that cracks me up every time. Here's the story
from the other side (punctuation errors and all):

The Wienerschnitzel Chili Dog...delicious, tasty and on the run,
always on the run. What chance does a six inch guy have in the 
world when he's covered with mouth-watering chili, never will he
be safe from grabbing hands, never will he be safe from salivating
mouths, always must he run, like a fugitive from justice. He is
The Delicious One, He is...America's Most Wanted Hot Dog.

I have this image of Tibetan monks or something talking in 
hushed tones about "The Delicious One". :-}