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Who's good for mobile phone service?

I've got a love/hate relationship with Powertel. Their service in Atlanta
is great, but the partners they choose for roaming (like PacBell in California)
suck. And their 'no roaming' plans still charge you long distance on
calls you make when you're out of their network. I ran up an obscene
bill last month.

My ideal mobile provider would offer:

-GSM phones that work worldwide.
-GSM phones that roam to analog or CDMA networks.
-A decent digital coverage area in metro Atlanta.
-No roaming or long distance.
-Few if any dropped calls.

Sprint provides a large coverage area, but they drop calls like crazy.
AT&T has an excellent coverage area, but it appears to be mostly analog. 
Powertel has great service in Atlanta, but roaming sucks.
Nextel costs waaaaay too much.
Airtouch supposedly also has problems with dropped calls.

Omnipoint is my favorite, but they don't offer service in Atlanta. 
Omnipoint has good service, free roaming and long distance, dual
band (digital/analog) phones, and INTERNATIONAL ROAMING!!. But they
don't offer service in Atlanta. :-(

Is the situation really this bad? Are there really no all-around
excellent providers out there?