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DirecTV local channels

The government has decided to allow DBS satellite providers to 
provide local stations to their customers. 

Sounds like cities that get added in the first wave will be able
to use their current dish. Cities that get added later (when the
satellite fills up) will be served local channels off of another
satellite, which means they'll nead a new dish (DirecTV Plus).

A search on my zip code (30309) says:

Good news: We'll be offering local channels to your area in
the coming weeks!

You'll be able to receive those TV stations using your current
DIRECTV System. If you don't yet have DIRECTV, you'll be able
to receive local channels with any DIRECTV equipment you buy.

Please check back here later to see when we're serving your city.

>From punching in other zip codes in Atlanta, it looks like the
entire metro area will be served. It doesn't look like Macon and
Milledgeville will get service, tho. Of course, someone in Macon
could give them an Atlanta address and get their service turned
on.. :-)