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Earl @ the well

So my attention was first drawn to Earl Vickers's web site by the fact
that he's translated the Bible into Pig
Latin. <http://www.well.com/user/earl/Ible-bay.html> See, he's only
got three books online: Enesis-gay, Ob-jay and Ohn-jay. So I was
hoping to find a URL with the location of the rest of this translation
of the Bible. Unfortunately, I didn't find what I was looking for but
I did get to read the rest of his home page.

Things such as The Dollar Project where Earl distributed dozens of
dollar bills rubber-stamped with messages asking for return of the
dollar or information as to its whereabouts, or The Clockworks Project
where Earl wrote down what he was doing and thinking each time a
random timer beeped. Jurassic Poodle is amusing as is the VCR Clock
(if your VCR is like mine and doesn't have one).

Quite a rather excellent home page, even if it hasn't been updated
since 1995. I can't hold that against him, mine hasn't been updated
since 1995 either.