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RE: TIME's Person of the Century .... HELP!!

> I gave it a some thought. I would have to nominate Lenin. The creation of
> the USSR has directly affected every person living on earth today. If the
> USSR wasn't pointing ICBM at us: NASA may not have been created. DARPA may
> not have either. And you know who funded the intial research for the
> Internet.
> I am no fan of Marxist/Leninist but it has had a great effect. The USSR
> was created and dissolved within this century. The Nazi's came and went
> within 20 years. And the USSR played a part in that too. 
> Just my $0.02.

Oooh, very good point!  My vote was for Churchill - I think he managed to
tie the western world together during WWII.  And being an english history
major... :)

And that though was worth at _least_ a quarter!