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Re: Adbusters

on 5/10/99 9:25 AM, Robbie Honerkamp ([email protected]) wrote:

>Thus spake Peggy McKinney ([email protected]):
>> It's a great mag.
>Adbusters rocks. 
>While Heather and I were driving through Alabama to go to a wedding,
>we saw a billboard off of I20 in Birmingham that had the Marlboro
>parody ad (it's not on the webpage, it's in the actual magzine) with
>the two cowboys silhouetted against a sunset, just like in the real
>One says to the other "I miss my lung, Bob".

you gotta move out west, man.  that ad was paid for by some proceeds from 
a tobacco tax, and i saw the sign when i first moved to SF in mid 1997.  
it was on a billboard across from the san jose mercury news ...

there's another one where a suave guy in a tux (smoking a cigarette) 
tells a woman in a cocktail dress, "your scent is intoxicating".  she 
replies, "and yours is carcinogenic."

-kevin "i'm so cool because i now live in california" loftis  ;-)