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Mankind's first cosmic message... contains math errors.



   By BBC News Online Science Editor Dr David Whitehouse
   Mankind's first cosmic message, beamed to the stars on Monday,
   contains two mathematical errors, it has been revealed.
   The authors of the message say that the errors could not be corrected
   before the broadcast.
   The cosmic call was only the second intentional interstellar broadcast
   ever made; in 1974 US radio astronomer Frank Drake sent the first one.
   Astronomers Yvan Dutil and Stéphane Dumas of the Defence Research
   Establishment Valcartier in Canada designed the cosmic message.
   They prepared 23 pages of information about the Earth, mathematics,
   and physics, all coded in symbols that any alien intelligence should
   be able to decipher.
   Wrong symbols
   But at two places in the message, they accidentally used the wrong
   symbol where they should have used the equals sign.

   [...snip... -dbm]

Not only that, but I expect that earth will soon get a message
to "[email protected]"  "Why are you Lamerz Spaming my BOkS?"

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