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Re: FW: TIME's Person of the Century .... HELP!!

> >      Please put in your vote, so that Hitler does not even show up on the
> > radar screen. This is really scary.  Apparently, all the neo-nazi groups
> > are out in force to push Hitler to the top.
> >
> >      Please countermand this effort. I have already voted. It only takes
> > a second. The address is below.

Not to support the Nazis, neo or otherwise, but who said the person of
the century has to be a positive one? I agree with what Glenn and others
here are saying (this mob's got some intelligence, obviously) about
some seemingly negative people and their influences.

I do not believe that Elvis Presley is as influential in my life as some
of the others -- even Lenin, as Glenn so adequately pointed out. It is 
amazing when you look at social ripples. It is almost like the show on
TLC called "Connections". Someone casts their hook in the pond on one side
and it is felt somewhere else in the lake. 

Anyway, some of these people on the list are a laugh. 

I would say that Linus Torvalds should be there, but in reality I suspect
that his contribution will be reflected upon more in 2099.

Baron 'Death to Intellectual Property' Chandler.