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Re: Star Wars..

At 10:46 AM 5/19/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I saw it last night... 12:30 show up at the new Regal. Bigass line around 
>building - four shows staggered 15 min apart. Whew!

We saw it Wednesday morning, 12 midnite.  We got there at 1115, no line,
and we hung out in the theatre until the show started.  Got good seats,
unlike those that arrived < 30 minutes before the show.

We went to the UA cinema at Gwinnett Place Mall.  No surround sound
that I could detect.  But hey, we saw it first (tm).

>Good flick. Lightsaber duels at the end.... oohhhhhhh yeah. Jar Jar and
>the gungas in general were kinda annoying. They're like from the planet
>Jamaica. You'll see it when you see a bunch of them walking, mon. Plus
>some of the time you couldn't understand what he (or other gungas) were
>saying... *shrug*. I'll be going back. :)

Lightsaber duels rocked.  Pod race scene was pretty fly.  Decent space
combat scene as well.  All in all, we loved it.. it was better than
'Cats', and we're going to see it again and again.  Jar Jar & Co. did
get on my nerves, but at least they weren't d**n Ewoks.  (Leah [my wifey]
disagrees, she liked the Ewoks.  There's no accounting for taste)

Did anyone else catch the names of the Senators who were nominated for
Chancellor or whatever and _didn't_ get the nod?  My ears perked up  at
one name... did yours?  >:)

Thrilled that we get to see the story start.  


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