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ASUG meeting

Here's an announcement for next week's ASUG meeting. We're touring
Crawford Communications- if you've never seen their offices, you
really ought to come see them. They're quite impressive. 
They do lots of video production / special effects work. It's also
where The Learning Channel and the Discovery Channel originate
(they have a huge satellite farm).


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  Topic:      Crawford Communications Site Tour 

  Date/Time:  Tuesday, May 18, 1999
              7pm - 9pm

  Where:      Crawford Communications (see directions below)
              535 Plasamour Drive
              Atlanta, Georgia 30324

  PLEASE RSVP TO [email protected] or 404-894-9046 IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND.

Our May Meeting...

  Our May meeting will be held at Crawford Communications (on I-85 just North
  of the I-75/I-85 downtown connector...see directions below).  Crawford is
  an award-winning, Atlanta-based company (since 1981) that offers a full
  spectrum of services in all aspects of television, film, Internet, audio,
  satellite and interactive media.  They utilize SGI workstations in a number
  of areas and we'll get to see them in action.

  Crawford Communications is housed in a 150,000-square foot facility on an
  eleven-acre site two miles from downtown Atlanta. The company is comprised
  of editorial and audio production suites, CGI animation, film lab and
  telecine, video production services and studios, interactive design and
  development, an international satellite teleport and a fleet of satellite
  trucks.  Studio Two, Crawford's complete sound stage facility, is located in
  a nearby facility.

  We'll be touring...

    - the Crawford Satellite Services, where Discovery and Learning Channel
      are being beamed up to the birds from here in Atlanta,

    - the Film Group and Crawford Digital, which do commercial film scanning,
      color correction, video editorial and post/fx/design work, for broadcast
      commercials and medium-length documentaries,

    - the Crawford's Hi-Def production pipeline, including the Onyx2, Octane,
      and disk storage used to process these huge images.

  We'll also be viewing the impressive Crawford demo reel.

Directions to Crawford Communications

  (See http://www.crawford.com/master.html for a nice map)

  Going North on I-85 
     Take exit 28 (Buford Hwy) 
     Take 1st exit (Monroe Dr) 
     RIGHT onto Monroe Drive 
     RIGHT at traffic light onto Armour Drive 
     Take 1st RIGHT onto Plasters Ave 
     506 Plasters Avenue is located immediately on left 

 Going 400 South 
     Take exit 1 (Sidney Marcus Blvd) 
     Turn LEFT onto Sidney Marcus Blvd 
     Stay in RIGHT lane 
     Turn RIGHT onto Hwy 13 South 
     Take 1st exit (Armour Dr/Monroe Dr) 
     Turn RIGHT at the bottom of the ramp 
     Take 1st RIGHT onto Plasters Ave 
     506 Plasters Avenue is located immediately on left 

 Going South on I-85 
     Take exit 28 (Peachtree and Hwy 13 South) 
     Take 1st exit (Armour Drive/Monroe Drive) 
     Turn RIGHT at the bottom of the ramp 
     Take 1st RIGHT onto Plasters Ave 
     506 Plasters Avenue is located immediately on left 

  Silicon Graphics, Inc. is now just "SGI"

  In a move to update their image, Silicon Graphics recently changed it's
  name to just "SGI".  Independent research by Landor Associates revealed
  that the company is misunderstood in the marketplace.  The name Silicon
  Graphics communicates very literal meaning to people (i.e., that they are
  a graphics company).  Yet two-thirds of the company's revenue comes from
  non-graphics products:  servers and services.  Actually, SGI will use a
  combination of names.  Their visual workstations will continue to be named
  "Silicon Graphics", while their servers will use the "SGI" brand and the
  Cray supercomputers will continue to use "Cray".

  Most of us refer to them as "SGI" anyway, but did they have to ditch that
  twisty, pipe cube logo thing?  I kind of liked it.

  Susan Decker joins James River Technical, Inc.

  If you've been doing business over the years with the regional SGI office
  in Atlanta, then you have almost certainly been helped at one time or
  another by Susan Decker.  Susan recently accepted a sales team position
  with James River Technical, a value added reseller of Silicon Graphics
  computers based in Virginia.  Susan will be working out of their Alpharetta
  office.  Good luck in your new position, Susan!

Did You Know:

  Small PPP - an IRIX PPP configuration utility

  Mark Lasersohn recently announced Small PPP, a GUI driven utility that will
  help you setup PPP on IRIX.  Small PPP is provided as a binary only, was
  compiled using the FLTK toolkit on Irix 6.2. It carries no warranty or any
  other such stuff. It does change system files and thus must be used from
  the root account. Use with care.

  SGI Freeware May 1999 edition released

  The open source software packages on this site, brought to us by SGI, have
  been authored by many generous individuals and organizations throughout the
  world.  It is through their noble efforts that these useful and high
  quality software packages exist.  It includes nearly 200 packages, about 40
  of which are new or upgraded from prior versions.  Thanks to all the
  volunteers, most of all to Kevin Wang and David Kaelbling, who made this

About ASUG...

  The Atlanta Silicon Graphics User's Group (ASUG) is a volunteer-run
  organization that meets 6 times a year usually on the 2nd Tuesday on
  alternating months to share ideas and talk about experiences with Silicon
  Graphics hardware and software.  Our meetings involve visualization and
  general UNIX topics.  We don't elect officers, impose dues or charge
  cover.  ASUG is populated with professionals from around the Southeast and
  from a wide spectrum of commercial and non-commercial institutions.  Our
  meetings provide excellent opportunities for people to share their
  experiences and techniques with others, express their interests and
  concerns to Silicon Graphics, and pick up bits of information worthy of
  taking back to work.  Our group is always looking for volunteers and ideas
  about future meetings.

  A group of ASUG organizers meets between ASUG meetings and subscribes to
  the [email protected] mailing list.  If you are interested in
  helping out, please contact:

    Randy Carpenter
    Georgia Institute of Technology,
    College of Computing
    (404) 894-5218
    [email protected]

The ASUG E-Mail List...

  An Internet electronic mail list is available for ASUG people, and can be
  used for various communications concerning ASUG and Silicon Graphics:

       [email protected]

  To subscribe to this e-mail list, send a note to "[email protected]"
  with the following message (no subject is necessary):

       subscribe asug

  To unsubscribe from the list, send a note to "[email protected]" with
  the following message (no subject is necessary):

       unsubscribe asug

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