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Re: Cryptonomicon?

On Mon, 21 Jun 1999, Cynthia L. Armistead wrote:

> Yep - is Van Eck phreaking a real thing? Sam is reading the book now -
> I've grown used to hearing sudden explosions of laughter from wherever
> he is at the moment.

Although I have only flipped through it, the math seems suprising ly
accurate. There are exeptions (e.g "factoring prime numbers") but the
author mentions zeta funtions, which should be Riemann's Zeta Function[1]
which _is_ used in high level number theory, /at the doctoral level/. He
grew up in Ft. Meade. Did a parent work for the NSA?


[1] Something along the lines of 
$$\zeta(s) = \sum{\sub{z = 1}}{\super \infty} i\super s$$ [2],

[2] which begets the Riemann Conjecture, that all nontrival roots of the
zeta function are on the line i = 1/2 on the complex plane.