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A shorty story...

Once upon a time, there existed a group of people who gathered each year to engage in all manner of social revelry, internet hijinx, and drunken debauchery. One day, after the time for festivities had passed without note, it suddenly became apparent the annual feast and festivities were in danger of being forgotten! 

The mob crew soon was gathered outside the domicile of their Fearless Leader (Fearless indeed! He had hosted all of these events to date and seemed to welcome the inevitable clean-up) and began muttering ominously amongst themselves... 

Then -- from the crowd of people, someone stepped forward.... and, in a fit of brazen chutzpah (or simple insanity), proclaimed,

"You are cordially invited to journey to my humble abode for repast, discourse, and what amusements may be had therein!"

>From the crowd, a voice hollered belligerently, "Where's the beer?" Amidst new mutterings, another piped up, "Is there DVD?" The volume grew as doubtful murmurs sprouted up throughout the crowd. A worried voice called from the back, "Is the placed networked?" 

The remaining mob looked curiously at the speaker and suddenly she realized.... they were waiting for her answers... 

"Umm, no DVD I'm afraid... but the VCR works... and though I lack the Cat5 wiring and RJ45 outlets, I have a machine that seriously needs Linux installed..." she paused nervously and then remembered, "...But I am happy to report that beer will be provided and...."

In the thunderous shouts that followed, she waved her hands for quiet, but the excitement of FREE BEER made further conversation impossible. She chuckled to herself and tacked a bulletin to the door of the Fearless Leader's home before retreating to her minimalist condominium, hoping the happy crowd would remember to RSVP.

The Note Read:


You are hereby invited to attend the 'Poor substitute for a Honerkamp fling, but it will have to do' party. Details follow below, and the courtesy of your reply is requested by Monday, August 2nd.

When: Friday, August 7th, from 7:00pm until.....

Where: 1125 Whitestone Ridge, Alpharetta GA. 30005

Contact: Bonnie Nadri, 770-752-4910

Caveats: BYOL (beer, wine, and soda provided)

Directions: Supplied upon receipt of RSVP.

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