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Join the fun!

This message was redirected to Heather by mistake. It's written by someone
whose boyfriend is treating her like crap, and she's trying to get him to
pay more attention to her.

Heather and I have already written her and told her to dump him. I thought
it'd be funny if she started getting emails from other people she doesn't
know (and who she didn't think the letter was going to) telling her their
opinions about her boyfriend. 

So, here's a chance for you to make a difference.. :-)


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>Date: Thursday, July 01, 1999 8:12 PM
>Subject: FARM
>>I know you have a lot on your plate now and getting a letter from me isn't
>>something you are happy to see.  I don't know if you'll even bother to read
>>this.  I hope you'll take the time and let me know what you think .  I am
>>writing this because I am hoping you will be able to understand this better
>>and won't feel so bombarded.
>>It takes 2 people, working together to make a relationship work and good
>>communication is a vitale part of that.  I just can't hold back my feelings
>>about our relationship anymore and that's why I decided to write this
>>First of all, I want you to know I love you.  I would do anything for you
>>Farm.  You've always been special to me, but my feelings for you have grown
>>stronger over the last 14 months we've been dating.  It's hard to believe
>>it's been that long, but it has.
>>I want you to know that I would like for our relationship to work, but in
>>opinion it won't work unless we are both contributing and equally committed
>>to the endeavor. I don't feel like that is the case at this point.   I know
>>we've had our share of personal stress over the last 4-6 weeks and that
>>wasn't easy.  It's still not easy for me.  I still cry over it.  I know you
>>are busy with your web site and that consumes a lot of your spare time.  I
>>understand that and have never asked for you to make a decision between me
>>and your web site.  To me, that wouldn't be fair and I'd never do that.
>>I am excited over your opportunities with the web site, but I am also
>>concerned about your mental health.  You are sad so much of the time now.
>>think you are running yourself into the ground and that worries me.
>>In terms of our relationship, I am tired of feeling ignored, taken for
>>grantide or like I don't hold any value.  I am a person who has thoughts
>>feelings just like you.  I am tired of feeling like I am contributing more
>>this relationship.  I am tired of feeling like you could careless if I am
>>around or if the relationship continues.  I am tired of feeling emotionally
>>isolated from someone I love.  These aren't good feelings. It obviously
>>me feel like shit.  You may think all of this sounds drastic, but it's how
>>feel.  I often wonder what I could do differently because I hate feeling
>>I always look forward to seeing you and spending time with you Farm.  I
>>it when you hug and kiss me.  I love to see you happy and full of life.  I
>>rarely see you smile or laugh anymore and that's hard for me.  Is it
>>you are depressed?  in a relationship you don't want to be in? overwhelmed?
>>frustrated? tired?  I love to snuggle with you in my bed, but I rarely get
>>do it anymore because you don't have time, aren't interested or can't make
>>past the couch.  I can understand you falling alseep on the couch every
>>in awhile, but you do it routinely.  It makes me feel like you are just
>>coming over because it's convienant and not because you care to see me.
>>expressed my thoughts about this before, but nothing has changed.   You
>>for me to treat you like you are special (i.e. cards, surprises, breakfast
>>bed etc) because it makes you feel good.  Well I like those kinds of things
>>too.  How much time would it take to send me a nice e-mail, call me to let
>>know you are thinking about me, write a sweet note/card, pick me flowers
>> People like it when others go out of their way for them.  It makes them
>>good.  I want to be treated like a girlfriend and I am important  I am not
>>saying you have to spend every waking minute with me and you know that.  I
>>really don't get to spend much time with you during the week anyway.
>>They always say actions speak louder than words.  If that's the case, what
>>am supposed to think about our relationship?  Do you think I am treated
>>someone who is loved, valued, well cared for etc?  If our roles were
>>would you feel satisfied?  To me, it seems like you are either too tired,
>>busy or really don't have a desire for me to be an active role in your life
>>anymore.  That's how all of this appears to me.  I've felt this way for
>>awhile, but just kept putting it to the side, hoping things would improve.
>>Much to my dismay, it hasn't.  I want someone who looks forward to seeing
>>is happy to spend to time with me, is committed to the relationship, loves
>>me, takes my feelings into consideration, is affectionate, wants to make me
>>happy, makes me feel like I am important and a priority in his life.  I
>>someone to treat me in the same fashion I treat them.  I honestly feel like
>>you will not apprecaite me until I am gone.  Will that be too late?  It's a
>>hard thought to swollow, but it's how I feel.
>>I am sorry if you don't understand where I am coming from.  I realize guys
>>and girls think differently and I willing to explain anything you are
>>confused about.  I am tired of being upset and the petty arguements that
>>result.   You could obviously continue with how things are now, but I
>>We have a choice to make now.  We can either decide to work on this
>>relationship to make it better and more satisfying for both parties or end
>>it.  If we decide to continue forward, we both may need to make some
>>in order for it to work.  I am not perfect and have never claimed to be.
>>I've just never been in a relationship where this has been an issue. If
>>relationship is something you are no longer interested in, don't have time
>>for, or the emotional attachment to continue, let me know and I will leave.