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Mistitled mailing list of the day.

"Pleasure with Horses". Suuuuure.


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Date:         Wed, 27 Jan 1999 12:04:20 +0100
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From:         Werner Stuerenburg <[email protected]>
Subject:      NEW: Pferdezeitung - Pleasure with Horses
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Pferdezeitung -- HTML Email Newsletter on Horses via
mailto:[email protected]

Currently, it will be written in *German* only.

If you like to have an **English** edition as well, please
mailto:[email protected], we'll be glad to provide for

Pferdezeitung has "Pleasure with Horses" as subtitle and deals

- Horse races and personalities
- Horse people famous and not so famous
- Horse riding all kinds of styles, preferably for fun
- Horse driving with all kinds of carriages
- and much more

from a very personal perspective.

In its first edition, this newsletter will feature reports on
-- the American breed "Appaloosa" and
-- German western rider "Josef" using Appaloosas for his sport.

Issues can be read online at http://pferdezeitung.com

This email newsletter is delivered weekly.

To start your FREE E-Mail Subscription to our HTML Email
Newsletter "Pferdezeitung",
send a blank email message to:
mailto:[email protected]

To request an English edition, mailto:[email protected]

Owner: Sylvia Frevert
mailto:[email protected]

Producer: Dr. Werner Stuerenburg
mailto:[email protected]

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