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OOPS!!!: Driver Follows Navigation System Into River

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>Subject: OOPS!!!: Driver Follows Navigation System Into River
>>Driver Follows Navigation System Into River
>>BONN, Germany (Reuters) - A German motorist obediently following the
>>satellite-guided navigation system of his car drove straight into the Havel
>>River in eastern Germany, police said Saturday.
>>            He drove his BMW Friday night past a stop sign, down a ferry
>>ramp and about four meters (12 feet) into the river before stopping. The
>>57-year-old driver from Hamburg and his passenger were not hurt.
>>            Police said the driver reported he was following the navigation
>>system, which had evidently failed to note that the road in the town of
>>Caputh near Potsdam ended at a ferry crossing.
>>            "Normally accidents like this shouldn't happen," said police
>>spokesman Frank Heinichen. "But that sort of thing can happen when people
>>rely too much on technology."

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