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Changes to the mob list

This morning I upgraded the version of Qmail on itchy to 1.03.
I also added support for Paul Vixie's spam blackhole list. This
means that many sites that spam won't be able to send email to
addresses at shorty.com- this includes the Mob list. This should
greatly reduce the amount of spam recieved through the Mob list.

FYI, if the mail server that you're using is blackholed, you'll
get a bounce from your mail server that looks something like this:

  220 itchy.shorty.com ESMTP
  helo linux.crynwr.com
  250 itchy.shorty.com
  mail from: <>
  250 ok
  rcpt to: <[email protected]>
  553 Blackholed - see <URL:http://maps.vix.com/cgi-bin/lookup?>
  Terminating conversation