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Re: Disturbing URL

That is pretty scary (even if you look past the fact that the fellow's name is James Donald Ray, not too far from James EARL Ray), but, having lived in San Diego, it does stand to reason that that would happen in East County. It has always been my theory about that city that the farther away the populace is from the sea breezes, the scarier they become. Fallbrook (North and East) is home to Tom Metzger, former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and he also ran a show called "Race and Reason" on public access, to further his views. My fave show (well that is the one show that I could halfway watch) was the show in which a thin fellow who was balding slightly and had a rather bad Veronica Lake peek-a-boo bang effect going with his hair was talking about "good" movies, such as "I Hate Your Guts!", about a fellow paid to go from town to town to instigate race hatred. It starred William Shatner and he thought that this was a GOOD movie.
Traveling east, one can find the nazis without too much strain, but
probably the chilliest I have ever felt living in Sandy Ego was listening
to a service called the "Opinion Line". This was essentially a phone
service that people used to vent their spleens and then other people could
leave messages or just listen. This was largely voyeuristic fun, listening
to the silly messages that folks would leave and then snickering to
oneself. One day, I was listening to the Valley Girls and the monosyllabs,
I heard a slightly wiseacre-ish voice say,"...now I consider myself a fan
of music, but some days, I can hear the blaring of a ghetto blaster while
someone is shaking his booty to some jungle boogie and I wish....". I
thought that this was a rather thinly veiled statement and hung up.
Some weeks later, my brother found a card stuck under his windshield
wiper. It was a card for the White People's Party, or some such name. It
had a phone number and my brother and I, being in a confrontational mood,
called it. We got an answering machine, complete with melodramatic music
playing in the background:
"Picture this. It's the end of the world. Over the hill, there is an
army. Of Blacks. They're boasting to themselves and anyone else as to
what their going to do to your wives and sisters if they get the
chance. You scream, dear God, this can't be happening! Where are the
guns, you cry out, WHERE ARE THE G**D**** GUNS!!? But they can't be found,
having been taken away by the liberal government..."
It took me a good deal of time, but eventually I pieced it together. That
was the same guy from the Opinion Line! Oh yes, the card's address was
from the East County. Quel suprise.
All that to say that East County is a good (!) place to find the strange
and the evil.
Brian Phillips