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"More luser than user"

(By [email protected], [email protected])

More Luser Than User

i am the bofh [0] (a creep)
I rm -rf your directory (yeah)
i am the one you dread
when "what's your username" is what i've said (yeah)
i make excuses wild
you'll believe them though i've always lied (yeah)
don't make me lose my game
oo, you've done it now, tell me what's your name (yeah)

        (you're) (you're) (you're) (you're)

        more luser than user
        more luser than user
        more luser than user
        more luser than user
        more luser than user
        more luser than user

i am the bofh, it's true
the day you messed with me is the day you'll rue (yeah)
i am electric head [1]
*bother me and you'll find your account dead (yeah)
you i'll victimize [2]
read the motherfucker-psychoholic lies - [1] (yeah)
knock not upon my door
i tear your soul apart and i eat it some more [3]


i am the bofh, you see
*i grep your email and delete the spool [4] (yeah)
now i'm having fun
*it's far too late to leave me alone


* These lines don't quite scan the way the originals do, but if you
  try -really- hard you can make it fit.  Honest.  Would I lie?

[0] I pronounce it "boff"
[1] Original line is unchanged cuz I liked it so much.
[2] Original line -almost- unchanged (it was "do not victimize" which
    isn't very appropriate now is it?)
[3] Original line -almost- unchanged (it was "my soul" but...)
[4] The original didn't rhyme either

(to the tune, for those of you who don't know BUT SHOULD, of
 "More Human Than Human" by White Zombie -- which btw goes without
  saying is perfect sysadmin music.  Either for the mood OR to
  scare away losers)