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NEW: COMMERCIAL-ALERT -- Against Commercialism (fwd)

He sounds a bit over the top, but it still sounds like an interesting mailing


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COMMERCIAL-ALERT on [email protected]       Against Commercialism

COMMERCIAL-ALERT is a moderated e-mail list to help families, parents,
children, and communities defend themselves against harmful, immoral, or
intrusive advertising and marketing, and the excesses of commercialism.
It will distribute ideas about how to counteract commercialism in homes,
schools and communities across the country.  Topics will include:
-       How corporate predators use advertising and marketing to pit
children against their own parents, and pull families apart;
-       How commercialism is harming children, families, schools,
universities, holidays, journalism, sports and entertainment;
-       How to protect children from advertising and marketing firms;
-       Destructive advertising and marketing practices;
-       What citizens can do to stop the spread of commercialism.

The list is maintained by Commercial Alert, a new project affiliated
with Ralph Nader.

To subscribe to COMMERCIAL-ALERT, send the following command to
[email protected] in the body of the e-mail:
subscribe commercial-alert yourfirstname yourlastname

For example: subscribe commercial-alert Ellen Smith

Owner:                  Gary Ruskin <[email protected]>
Web address:            http://www.essential.org/alert

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1611 Connecticut Ave. NW Suite #3A | Washington, DC 20009
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