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E-mail bug (spam exploit)

Hello folks,

I found the following 'gem' in my inbox, by a spammer. If one sends
a message with the following from line:

  From $ Financial Prosperity [email protected]  Wed Oct 21 00:01:44 1998
(note the $'s around the user name)

the message will be considered by elm as part of the message before it.
So, it looks as if someone else attached spam to their message to you.

Can someone check if MUTT has the same behaviour?

I'm hoping this isn't the latest general method of delivering spam to
one's mailbox.

"Do you hear the people sing, Lost in the valley of the night?
 It is the music of a people, Who are climbing to the light.
 For the wretched of the earth, There is a flame that never dies.
 Even the darkest night will end, And the sun will rise." -- Les Miserables