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[[email protected]: Happy Anti Spam Day]

I'm just _full_ of stuff to forward to the list tonight.. :-)


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				SPAM News
Providing daily news & commentary about junk E-mail to Internet professionals.
In a fit of what could be best described as hubris, Spam News hereby
declares and celebrates the creation of (Inter)National Anti-Spam Day -
founded on the first-year anniversary of Sanford Wallace's banishment from
the Internet by AGIS.

Join in this momentous occasion by pondering back on the history of the man
we all love to hate, the company that was thrown off every ISP that ever
carried it, and the relative ease with which we were able to filter certain
netblocks, headers, etc.; techniques rendered somewhat useless these days
in the face of an army of whack-a-molers who shape shift with each Spam.

One year hence, D.J. Spammy is making bad trance, and the passing of time
has seen the inception of some good new laws, the failure of some bad
bills, much inter-ISP cooperation, and a sense that now is a good time to
get out of the Spam racket. Time to get out, in face of increasing pressure
from legislators, companies for whom Spam is now impacting the bottom line,
lobbyists that are getting hired by the lobbies, in light of the fact that
the DMA has opened the door to "officially" condemning SPAM and deifying
solicited commercial email, and faced with the fact that everyone and his
dog are flogging some form of software-based anti-Spam contingencies.

In other words, it has now become big-business to be anti-Spam. How long
can the Spammers last?

For a trip down memory lane, take a stroll through our archives:
http://spam.concordia.ca - if nothing else, Sanford generates great press!

Happy Anti-Spam Day, folks.

Neil Schwartzman
Publisher, SPAM News
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