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From the RANT list

Michael Moore, the pretty-darned-funny but leaning-so-far-to-the-left-that-he-goes-in-circles
guy has a blurb on his webpage (http://www.dogeatdogfilms.com/) about how everyone should
vote for Democrats in the upcoming election because that will make the world a bright,
shiny, happy place (that, and Clinton wouldn't have to face the music).

Anyhoo, someone sent a copy of it to another mailing list (Michael Ivey's RANT list *).
This morning came a response from someone else on the list. I liked it so much that
I thought I'd forward it here..


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"A Member of the Mainstream Media Who Wants to Keep His Job" writes:

[ed: i only grant annonymity to people who ask.  FYI.  and next time,
 "AMotMMWWtKHJ", please use 'bullshit' instead of the cartoon swear
  masking.  Thanks.                                          /mdi   ]


I can't let that stand.  I am not a Republican either, but a registered
Cynic(tm).  Folks...  This whole Clinton debacle is NOT about:
 - - whining Republicans trying to overturn an election they lost...
 - - the Religious Right(tm) trying to impose it's morals on the rest of
 - - one man's obsession with pulling down the presidency...
 - - a sex lie.

I don't begrudge anyone getting a blow job.  That's not the point
either.  Here's what it comes down to:

 - - If *I* got caught getting blown by an intern at work, I would be:
	a)   fired
	b)   fined
	c)   sued for sexual harrassment (especially if I were in management)

 - - If *I* were being sued for sexual harrassment, and *lied* (perjured
myself) about past sexual relationships with interns, I would be:
	a)   ridiculed
	b)   fined
	c)   thrown in jail.

Guys (and gals) - - this isn't about a sex lie...  this is about LYING
before a judge about information RELEVANT to a case...  he wasn't on
trial about Whitewater stuff, or taking money from Chinese nationals...
he was on trial for Sexual Harrassment.  and he *LIED* about details
germane to that case.

Also... it's not like he did it at home, in private quarters...  some of
that stuff happened ON THE JOB...  There's a difference between sex AT
work and sex DURING work...  

Say what you want about the way the information leaked out.  The fact
remains that there is evidence of a felony (not proof) that warrants
some type of trial for resolution.

As for opinion polls - - I work in the media, and believe me, those
things can be manipulted at the drop of a hat.  

"Two out of three Americans say Clinton should not be impeached or

BULL$#!& ! ! !   
	a)   We are not getting an accurate breakdown of the real results, and
cutting the story to the barest of bones leaves categories of answers
improperly lumped together.
	b)   "Two out of Three Americans" probably believe the word "impeach"
means to "kick out of office"...  Impeachment is only an inquiry.  The
sample is flawed.
	c)   funny, how the percentage mirrors the ever-present "job approval"
numbers, and how the president gets more credit for a "perceived"
healthy economy than a Republican congress -or- Alan Greenspan.

Here's another example, straight out of the AP wire...
    "A Washington Post poll published today said 62 percent of those
questioned disapprove of the way Republicans in Congress are handling
the impeachment issue..."

62% disapprove...  well HOW MANY of those are mad because Congress is
acting TOO SLOW...?!?!   (We'll never know...)

How about just going out there and voting your conscience, for once.
Blindly pulling the lever for EITHER side is a waste of time.  (That's
how the Lyndon LaRouche wackos stole some seats in Illinois a few years

The Congress of the United States (God, how screwed up they really are)
are still not a one-issue referendum on a president.

... and for those of you who wish lawmakers would listen to every
opinion poll out there...  Why don't we just ABOLISH Congress and go
straight to a democratic vote on every issue...  (tell you where I'll
be...  I'll be working for the polling company in charge of telling you
what you thought...  If you're so damned blind that you can't read the
manipulation in the numbers now, just wait till *I* start twisting

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