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The AtlantaGeeks team is now climbing the ranks again. We've 
gained almost 50 ranks in the last couple of weeks, and it looks
like we're going to keep going up for a long time to come. 

We still need help- the more people and computers that run the
RC5 client, the better we'll do and the faster we'll rise in the

Check out our homepage at http://www.shorty.com/rc5/ . There's 
a link to the team stats (maintained by Levien) and a link to
another page where you can download an RC5 client for your computer
and get instructions on how to set it up and join our team. Tell
your friends! :-) 

Thanks to those who are already running it- Jason, Scott, Ben, Lisa, Levien,
Mike, Glenn, Heather, Chris, Will.....