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Re: A kook mentions the "L" word..

>>>> It has come to my attention that your company utilizes the MAPS
>>>> BLACKHOLE list to block purported SPAMMERS from sending E-mail to your
>>>> system. While the idea might sound good I am writing to inform you that
>>>> you will be named in a Federal Lawsuit if you do not CEASE AND DESIST
>>>> use of this list IMMEDIATELY.
>>>Bring it on.
>>So be it. I look forward to seeing you in court.
>>--- Alan R. Bechtold
>Bahahhaha... this guy thinks he's got a case? *laugh*
>"It's my right to send you whatever the hell I want, whether you want me
>to or not!!!"
>Dingbat. :/
>--Scott Weikert
>[email protected]

For shame! Picking on the poor little spammers... HAHAHAH! (Damn! I didn't
think I could type that without laughing hysterically, but I tried.) Who
the #$%&*! does this guy think he is? How about everyone send him a core
dump every hour for a week (continuous PING maybe instead? It's all just
1's & 0's same as spam) and see if he changes his mind about personal


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