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We Kick Ass.

News for those who are running RC5 for AtlantaGeeks.
Vernard Martin has recently joined our team. Most
people can probably imagine what that means, but
for those who don't know him, check out our RC5 stats:
We're fast. Very fast. And he's about to add ANOTHER
48 dual-processor Pentium II systems to the effort.
We've stopped dropping ranks (we were about to fall
out of the top-300 teams) and are now gaining ranks
again. We're checking over 40 million keys a second
now- faster than we've ever been before.

Of course, I'm still asking for help with RC5- no matter
how slow your machine is we can still use help to  
make the team as a whole even faster. Please run RC5
on your computer and any others that you can. 


Robbie Honerkamp
ISP Consulting, System Administration, BOFH-For-Hire
[email protected]     http://www.shorty.com/