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Re: Funny Answering Machines!

> I stumbled across this web page and it was SO funny.  I called some of
> these numbers.  They are definately good for a laugh.  
> Heather
> http://www.loop.com/~drum/phone.html
> 703-648-7777  
> THIS IS IT FOLKS! The singing cafeteria lady. This is the number that
> inspired me to make this page. Meaghan P. O'Malley was kind enough to send
> in this
> number. If you call no other numbers this year, make sure you call this
> one. Please use this as an example of what type of numbers to send in. She
> doesn't actually sing the menu, but reads it, and then sings a little song. 

She's nothing but a Lunch Menu Man Wannabe. The guy who reads the lunch menu 
in Charlotte, North Carolina is the original psycho..
704-377-4444 enter code 1749.
His homepage is http://lunchmenuman.com/