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Last Chance (fwd) [SPAM]


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> The Virtual Girlfriend and Virtual Boyfriend are artificial intelligence 
> programs for your IBM PC or compatible and also for MACINTOSH. You 
> can watch them, talk to them, ask them questions, tell them secrets, and 
> relate with them.  Watch them as you ask them to take off different clothes
> and guide them through many different activities. Watch and participate in
> the hottest sexual activities available on computer, including: several
> sexual positions, using many unique toys, even bringing in multiple partners.
> This is no doubt one of the most realistic, sexually stimulating computer
> games available. They will remember your name, birthday, your likes and your
> dislikes. Every time you start the program, they say different things, and
> act differently. Each time, they have a different personality. With the VGA
> digital graphics, The Virtual Girlfriend and Virtual Boyfriend software have
> some of the hottest, sexiest graphics out there.  And with a Soundblaster or
> compatible card, you can actually hear their voice as they talk to you. This
> is the first adult software title that was designed for both heterosexual and
> homosexual people. I would like you to try the actual full copy out before it
> is put on the market.  It will be sold for 1/5 of the actual price ($10.00)
> until I can get back some information on what people think of the program.  
> Please give it a try and write back any comments.      Thank you.
>     If you are interested and would like to order a copy, then you can read
> the mailing instructions below.  It comes in an unmarked package and you are 
> not put on any mailing lists whatsoever, guaranteed. It will run on any 386, 
> 486 or higher,  and 100% IBM compatibles.  Required is VGA graphics, and a 
> hard drive.The sound card is optional. Macintosh requires at least 4 meg of 
> ram.  
> Virtual Girlfriend and Virtual Boyfriend are artificial intelligence
> programs, meaning they are completely interactive. It would be just like if
> you were talking to someone.  You can actually have simple conversations.  
> Their attitudes change with the different things you say, so you can say
> things that will upset them, and then say things that will please them. The
> more you play/talk with them, the more you learn what they can do, and what 
> they like to do. It really is a blast.  With all these movies coming out
> about virtual reality, it's amazing to actually have a virtual reality
> program like this for your own computer. It's easy to install, and
> instructions are easy to follow.     
>   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Special Software Offer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> This is to inform you about the new adult game that VCS Magazine
> rated "The best game of "97".  "The Search for Paradise is no doubt one 
> of the greatest XXX adult games available".  The first games where it is
> as much fun as it is a turn on!  Travel the world to every continent, every
> country you can think of, and meet some of the most beautiful women in
> existence.  These women will treat you like a king and obey your every
> command.  Any sexual wish you can think of, these women know it all.  
> There is a different paradise for every guy out there, and this game will
> have them all.  This game uses real models, digital video, and digital sound
> to make it as realistic as possible.  You will feel like you're in the same
> room as the girl you're talking to!!!
>           As an added bonus you'll receive "Club Celebrity X"
>      Meet, talk to and even have your way with the celebrities of your choice.
>      Imagine being in a club with some very beautiful, well known, actual
>      celebrities! You have seen these girls on T.V., Magazines and billboard
> ads.
>      Now they are on your computer begging for action.  This game is hot and
> once you
>      start playing, you won't be able to stop!!!
> ~Required: 386 or better, 4 meg ram or better, Windows 3.1 or higher (Win95
> is fine), sound card is optional, Rom is optional.  (Game is given either
> CD-rom or compressed 3.5" diskettes).~~$19.95!
>                             Order now and get everything for just $24.95!!!!
> At your request, the programs can come with a password protection utility
> that only allows the program to run when the correct password is entered. 
>                                    (You must be 18 or over to purchase)
> Please fill out the following form and mail it to the address above.  
> (Feel free to write out the order form by hand)
<contact info sniped for the good of all>

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IT professionals to assist in the software remediation process."
			-Anonymous respondent to Y2K survey.