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Re: Pepsi vs. Coke..

> This is wrong on so many levels that I'm speechless.. 
> Robbie

I'm seeing LAW SUIT with a big ol' fat flamin' L. I guess the fact that they
are legally obligated to provide education to children in this country and/or
state misses their brains. I'm hardly surprised; with the people they hire for
teachers sometimes and a the levels at which admin chooses to compensate our 
nation's most important resource -- it's amazing they can educate our kids
at all. And they wonder why kids spray down other people at a fire drill.

What a bunch of losers. Schools are so damn disconnected from the reality of
society it isn't even funny. They were crap when I was in school, and they've
had several years to go downhill even further. And they have. 

Many of the types of people that are in the school systems are disgusting. Only
once in a while do you meet truly energized and empowered staff, and they're
usually pushed asunder by the shivering mass of ignorance and the tsunami of
power-mongers that seem to find homes in the education system. It's amazing
how much more you can teach people when you educate instead of domninate.