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Re: Marketeers?

> At 01:37 PM 3/14/98 -0500, [email protected] wrote:
> >Besides the basic wrongness of encouraging
> >companies to get .net and .org domains on
> >top of their .com domains, the tone of the 
> >whole page sounds like an insurance salesman
> >wrote it.
> Sure, but think of all the poor daft fools who keep
> running out to www.jennicam.com to see pictures
> of young Jennifer in her bedroom... ;)

So? It's only going to get worse when they roll out those
horrid new TLDs (.corp, .biz, etc..). 

Businesses complained that the .com domain was full. 
Why? Because of companies registering domains under every
TLD they can. And because domain prospectors keep lots
of usable domains tied up.

So, the idea is to introduce several new TLDs to ease
the problem. Bullsh*t. The same domain prospectors will
hit the ground running on day one buying up names right 
and left. And companies will go out and buy their domain
wherever they can (microsoft.com, microsoft.net, microsoft.corp,

Do a whois on microsoft.org and look at the organization name.
(It's "If you want this domain, please contact me.").
I'm sure he's only holding it for Microsoft so that the
Men With Small, Soft Penii Organization doesn't get it first.  :-/

> Still, you do have a point.  This is promoting
> pretty irresponsible behaviour.  Still, ya know,
> it does make good business sense.  That's the
> scary aspect of the whole page.  It makes sense.

Not to my geekish mind.. ;-)