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Re: Marketeers?

At 01:37 PM 3/14/98 -0500, you wrote:

Having said what I just said.. Who Wrote This??

How important is your domain name? Don't you print it all over 
your business cards and letter head? Don't you tell everyone 
what your domain name is? Most of the time your domain name is 
your company name. If it's not your company name, it's probably 
just as important. Most companies guard their company name and 
logos with trade marks. You can guard your .NET domain by 
registering it. Many companies have already done that.  Look at 
IBM they have register both IBM.COM and IBM.NET. Many other 
companies are in disputes over their .NET domains. COKE.NET and 
MICROSOFT.NET are both on hold at InterNIC, probably in court 
some where trying to find their way back to their rightful owners. 

Amateurish crap like that normally only crosses my monitor in
the form of spam and gets trashed immediately...  "Look at
IBM they have register both IBM.COM and IBM.NET"  ?!??!??!??!
Gee whiz, this was written by a first-year marketing major.

I mean, the rest of the page is okay, I suppose, but this
paragraph?  Gee whiz.

just my opinions, not those of my employer....

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