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Re: Woo-Hoo!

Well, damn!  Sorry about that.  I guess I just haven't taken a look in a

Does that mean I'm not as big of a loser as I thought I was?



At 12:46 AM 03/14/98 -0500, [email protected] wrote:
>> Showing that I give WAY too much of a crap about this sort of thing, I took
>> a look at the statistics for the RC5 project.
>> As of this evening, AtlantaGeeks is #207, and SE2600 is #208!
>That's bad news, not good news- We were about twenty or so places ahead of
>them last week. We've lost momentum, and they're gaining on us fast.
>(blatant plug)
>If you're not running an RC5 client on your computers, go to
>http://wopr.shorty.com/rc5/ and follow the instructions on
>how to join AtlantaGeeks.
Ben 'Bryan' Nabors
[email protected]