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8th Annual Mob Summer Party! Woo Woo!

Announcing.. the 8th Annual Mob Summer Party Royale

When: 13 June 1998 1pm - whenever
Where: Robbie's Apartment
	500 Northside Circle
	Apartment L-2
	Atlanta, GA  30309
	404-351-3082 if you get lost, email me ([email protected]) if you need directions..
What: Food, talk, Trivial Pursuit, computers, swimming, drinks, movies, etc..
	Yes, 10baseT and Localtalk network connections are availible.
	Also, overnight crash space is availible for out of town (or inebriated) guests.
Why: Because we like you.
Bring: There _might_ be swimming this year, so bring a swimsuit.

If you only attend one party this year... You don't get out enough.