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Fwd: Sunday School...

>A group of children are having a Sunday School Bible Study lesson.  The topic
>of today's lesson is which part of the body goes to heaven first.
>One little girl jumps up and says, "I know, I know.  Your hands go first
>'cause you fly up just like an angel."  The teacher acknowledges her, saying,
>"That's a good answer.  Does anyone else have an different
>answer?"  Another girl says, "I do.  Your head goes first because you
stand up
>erect like a soldier in God's army."  Again, the teacher acknowledges the
>child saying, "Hmm, I like that one too it is very,
>interest..."  but before she could finish what she was saying, a little
>boy jumps up and shouts, "No, no, no!  Both of them are wrong.  Your
>hands don't go first, and your head doesn't go first.  I know that it's

>your feet that go to heaven first."  There was a quiet hush around the
>room, with everyone looking at each other with a confused look on their
>faces.  The teacher asks, "What makes you say the feet go first?"  In
>the most sincere way, the boy replies, "Well, the other day, I went to
>my mothers bedroom and she was on her bed with her feet high up in the
>air and she was yelling 'oh God, I'm coming!! I'm coming!!!!!"

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