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Fwd: Money Borrowed (fwd)

Sally asked her husband, Bob to go to the store for her to get some items
for dinner. Bob left for the store, and about 10 minutes later Bobs friend
Steve knocked on the door. when Sally opened the door Steve asked for Bob
and Sally told him he would be right back, that he just had ran to the
store. So Steve came in and sat down. After a moment Steve said to Sally,
"You have the most incredible breasts I have ever seen! I will give you a
$100 if you just let me see just one of them." So Sally thought about it
and figured she could use a $100 and all he wanted to do is look. So she
opened her blouse to one side and gave Steve a real nice peek. Steve then
thanked her and laid the $100 bill on the table. But after thinking about
what he had just seen he said to her, " that was everything I could have
imagined but I would love to see them both at the same time, I will give
you another $100 if I can see them both at the same time." So Sally gladly
pulled her blouse open and showed off her breasts to Steve then buttoned
her blouse back up and picked up the other $100 bill off the table. Steve
then said, " Thank you, but I can't wait for Bob any longer so just let him
know I stopped by."

After about 15 minutes Bob came back from the store and was putting the
groceries away when Sally told Bob that Steve had come by but could not
stay. Bob said "great I don't suppose that he left me that $200 he owed me!"

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