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Everyone has been asking for pictures, so I uploaded
the first HUGE batch of pictures to my webserver this afternoon.
They range from party pictures from this past summer to 
stuff taken on the honeymoon last week. If you've come
to the Mob parties or came to the wedding, odds are that
your picture is in here.

There'll be more reception pictures coming next week.

Here's a brief index to things that might be interesting:

http://www.shorty.com/~robbie/photo/8/ :

	6-15: Pictures from a movie night this last summer.
		(Will, Brie, Levien, Hugh, Heather..)

http://www.shorty.com/~robbie/photo/9/ :

	1-5: Pictures from a pre-wedding wine tasting.
		(Trey, Levien, Glenn, Heather)

http://www.shorty.com/~robbie/photo/10/ :

	3-5: Pictures from a storm sewer expedition.
		(No pictures of people)
	6-17: Pictures from my birthday party.
		(Lots of people)
	18-25: Atlanta Linux Showcase
		(Marc, Greg, attendees)

http://www.shorty.com/~robbie/photo/11/ :

	4: Heather's sister Jessica looking very lost in the
		computer room.. :)
	10-16: At The American Cafe on Peachtree after an ALE meeting.
		(Levien, Steve, ChrisF, Blake, SteveL, DanN, etc..)
	17: That damned paparazzi just won't leafe Chris Farris alone..
	18-25: Wedding rehearsal dinner.
		(Levien, Hugh, Ian, Heather and family)

http://www.shorty.com/~robbie/photo/12/ :

	1-25: Bachelor outing. Dan Uyesugi and his strech HumVee.
		(Lots of people)

http://www.shorty.com/~robbie/photo/13/ :
	1-22: Bachelor outing. More of the geeks in the Hummer.
		(Lots of people)

http://www.shorty.com/~robbie/photo/14/ :

	1-25: Wedding reception.
		(Lots of people)

http://www.shorty.com/~robbie/photo/17/ :

	1-27: Mostly underwater photos taken while snorkeling in Cancun.