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Re: Get the mail rolling

On Tue, Dec 22, 1998 at 01:03:39AM -0500, michael wrote:
> Lets do the snail mail thing.  Thanks guys:
> Send on to other friends.

Craig Shurgold is alive and well. He was cured. Unfortunately this
story is still going around, and the Make-A-Wish foundation is pretty
ticked off about it.

The Make-A-Wish foundation page on this:
They've also set up a hotline to explain the situation at (800)-215-1333.

www.urbanlegends.com also has a section on Craig:

There _is_ however a little boy who could use your help. Robbie Honerkamp
is 25 years old and unfortunately has a horrible addiction to home
electronics. His credit limit is not expected to last more than a few
months. He has made a wish through Hi Fi Buys; he would like to recieve
a new high-end home theater system for Christmas. This would endear him
to his neighbors who are already annoyed with listening to loud booms from
Star Wars. Please help Robbie's wish come true by sending him a check for
as much money as you can to:

				Robbie Honerkamp	
				c/o Hi Fi Buys
				Peachtree Street
				Atlanta, GA

Thank you very much, and may the force be with you!


> The following information was passed along to me from Holly Gray, a
> fifth
> grade
> teacher at the Hawthorne Christian Academy.  Please help out if you can.
> Craig Shurgold is 7 years old and unfortunately has an inoperable brain
> tumor.
> He is not expected to live more than a few months.  He has made a wish
> through
> the Children's Wish Foundation: He would like to receive over a million
> Christmas Cards, this would enter him in the Guiness Book of World
> Records
> and
> leave a legacy of his life.  Please help Craig's wish come true by
> sending
> him a
> Christmas Card:
>                                Craig Shurgold
>                                c/o Children's Wish Foundation
>                                32 Perimeter Center East
>                                Atlanta, GA 30346
> Thank you very much and Happy Holidays  :)